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Effortless playing.
Unchained creativity.

A portable sensor MIDI-guitar for novices and pro musicians alike!

Effortless playing.
Unchained creativity.

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Effortless playing.
Unchained creativity.

A portable sensor MIDI-guitar for novices and pro musicians alike!

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New to guitars?

Start playing the instant you take Sensy Guitar in your hands, thanks to the AI Play feature.

Feeling creative?

Sensy offers simple ways to channel your creativity into solid hits.

Effortless playing.
Unchained creativity.

Play instantly

Even users with zero experience can play great music right off the bat, thanks to the AI-assisted play mode.

Play any instrument

Sweep it like a guitar. Play it like a piano. Tap it like a drum pad. Play it however you like, because Sensy Guitar is the ultimate MIDI controller!

Create music anywhere, at any time

Sensy Guitar is portable, lightweight, and an extremely capable MIDI tool for pro musicians and enthusiasts.

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What is

Sensy Guitar is a compact sensor MIDI-guitar with a sleek design made to offer effortless playing, and remove the skill barrier to start composing new tracks.

Portable music instrument you can play instantly

Follow the LED hints to play any given song like you'd sing at karaoke, or team up with the AI to compose a great-sounding melody in just a few minutes, even if you’ve never played guitar before!

Capable MIDI soundboard for untamed music creation

Record guitar parts, beats and drums, as well as keys, or anything else you want using just one compact device that you can fold in one move and store in your backpack.

Unique guitar training tool

Powered by groundbreaking new technologies, Sensy Guitar is ideal for learning music notes, practicing chords, and revealing your creativity with the minimum time and effort required. It’s literally “plug and play!”

A game, a contest, a challenge

If you’re like us, and think Guitar Hero is AWESOME, you need to try Sensy Guitar! Choose a song, then follow the LEDs to reproduce the melody as fast as you can. Beat your friends in a guitar-battle, and then share the results.

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Karaoke-style guitar

Unlike a real guitar that requires devoted learning time before you can start having fun, playing Sensy Guitar is fun from the very start. It’s like karaoke for guitar playing - LEDs show you the way to play any song.

Simply follow along and repeat after the small LEDs. Here is how it works:

  • Install the Sensy App
  • Unfold Sensy Guitar to turn it on
  • Connect to the app via Bluetooth
  • In the app, select a song to play from the library. Songs are sorted by difficulty. You can also load your own
  • LEDs give you hints on what frets to touch on the neck and what strings to strike in the moment - simply repeat after the LEDs

Congratulations! You are playing your first song!

Play on sight
thanks to AI Play

Turn on the guitar. Connect the app. Start playing.


Oh, you don’t know how to play at all?

No problem! Based on your natural guitar movements, strokes, and twangs, the AI-controlled MIDI-processor constructs a viable melody in real-time.


Do you want to improvise?

Сhoose any scale and mode to highlight sensors on the neck. Clean up your mind and immerse yourself in the creative process.

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From an idea to a music
masterpiece in one step

Sensy Guitar eliminates the need for multiple instruments to record a track. Forget tedious editing in a desktop virtual synthesizer. Instead, take Sensy Guitar! As a guitar, it allows effortless recording of strings, and being a versatile sensor device, it also works as a MIDI keyboard. Plus, you can set it to sound like virtually any musical instrument.

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Connect the guitar to a DAW

Start recording parts anywhere
and at any time

Save hours. Implementing your ideas becomes extremely easy and nature

  • Connect the guitar to a DAW
  • Start recording parts anywhere and at any time
  • Save hours. Implementing your ideas becomes extremely easy and nature

MIDI interface

Connect Sensy Guitar as a MIDI controller in an instant, and start using it with any software or tools. It supports all DAWs and notation software. No drivers or additional apps are required.


Use accustomed
playing techniques

Sensy Guitar is a sensor guitar, but feels very natural to play.


Sensors on the neck recognize pressure


Sensors on the deck respond to inclination, and thus feel like real strings. Sensors also feel the strength of your strikes (velocity). The harder you hit, the louder the guitar sounds.


The guitar supports advanced ways to play including vibrato, bending, sliding, tapping, and more!

Sensy Guitar goes with you,
wherever you are

Sensy Guitar is portable and easy to connect.


Feel a sudden burst of creativity and inspiration? Take out Sensy Guitar from your backpack, unfold it in one move, and start improvising immediately. Or, just have fun whenever you feel the urge to.

Dimensions when folded:
340 x 170 x 40 mm
600 g
Durable battery:
12 hours of uninterrupted

Connect via USB-C or Bluetooth

The guitar effortlessly connects to your smartphone, PC, or other device via Bluetooth or USB Type C. Lag time? As little as 8-10 ms with Bluetooth connection, and virtually none with USB-C.

Bluetooth #

Sound played out loud
or private listening? Both!

Live Concert

Connect Sensy Guitar to a loudspeaker and start a concert in a minute – at home, at a party, or outdoors.


Play in private

Сonnect headphones via a 3.5mm jack, and create music without disturbing the people around you! Wherever you are, at home at night in bed or in an airplane seat.


Mobile App

The Sensy App adds even more possibilities to Sensy Guitar.

of ready-to-play songs

Pick the song of whichever difficulty you want from the library, and play it using the LEDs as a hint. If included songs are not enough, upload your own to the app and play it. Don’t forget to share the result with friends!


Sensy app automatically records everything you play, so not a single note will be lost.


Remember Guitar Hero? Now you can play in the real world with Sensy Guitar. Try to follow the melody as indicated by the LEDs, and do not lose tempo. Compete with friends to see who can give the best performance.


Switch between various playing modes - from improvisation to training, and use Sensy Guitar the way you want and feel at that moment. And, instantly switch between modes as you wish!


Configure the guitar however you like. Choose the sound, adjust the sensitivity of sensor-strings, manage octaves and pitches, enable the virtual capotasto, or manage

and FX library

Sensy Guitar is like having a large set of musical instruments you can carry with you. Would you like Sensy to sound like drums or keys? Select the desired sound with a swipe, and even apply effects as well.



AI-mode, to play instantly even with zero skills
The built-in gyro sensor allows for advanced playing techniques
The built-in synthesizer support 72 musical instruments
The left-handed mode
Smart sensors on the neck and the deck that recognize touches, pressure, and inclination
RGB-LEDs show where to put fingers to repeat the melody, and let you improvise too
Open protocol for LEDs control
Bluetooth, USB Type-C, and Audio Jack connection
Configure sound and sensitivity, and select play mode in the mobile app


Sensy Guitar


Audio Jack 3.5mm

USB Type-C



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Sensy Guitar support slides, bands, tapping, and other techniques.

Average Bluetooth latency is less than 10 ms.

Yes, any metallic pick will do.

Sensy Guitar is a MIDI-controller designed as a guitar, so it is compatible with all popular DAWs without any drivers.

While Sensy Guitar is designed mostly for a finger style, it technically does allow strumming.

Yes, there is a built-in synthesizer in Sensy. Connect the device using a 3.5mm jack to any audio speaker or headphones, and play wherever you want.

Yes. The app does support custom tabs.