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Learning to play guitar is pure fun with Sensy

Connect the guitar. Choose a song in the app. Look at LEDs on the guitar’s neck and place fingers accordingly. That’s it. You’re playing the guitar. Congratulations!

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Pre-order now

What is Sensy

Sensy is a compact MIDI-guitar with a sleek design that helps you learning to play guitar with its smart LEDs and advanced highly-precise sensors both on the neck and the body.

Is it fun to shift your gaze from the guitar’s neck to the screen with a YouTube tutorial, then back, and then forth, and then again? No, it is not. Totally unproductive. Totally NOT fun.

Sensy offers learning that is way different. Your eyes are always on the guitar. You repeat moves after smart LEDs showing you where to put your fingers, both on the fretboard and the body. And instantly see and hear if you are doing right.

While Guitar Hero-like games offer a lot of fun, you hardly can really learn playing songs with them. On the other hand, a real guitar offers true experience and the most genuine learning, but hundreds of hours will pass before you start having fun with it.

Sensy is fun from the start, absolutely intuitive, and is quickly mastered even by seven year olds. At the same time, you efficiently learn playing guitar. At home, or when you’re out. In your kitchen or in your car. That’s the fun!

Here is how Sensy works

  • Download Sensy application.

  • Let the Sensy app connect to guitar via Bluetooth or USB.

  • In the app, select a melody you want to play on the guitar.

  • LEDs give hints which sensor on the fretboard and the body to touch right now – repeat after LEDs.

  • Congratulations! You are playing the guitar.

  • Keep practicing, switch to harder learning modes in the app and improve your skill;

What makes Sensy different

What’s in the app

The app is your music library where you can select songs and melodies to learn. You select the melody in the app, and Sensy shows you how to play it.

You always know how good you are. The app saves your learning progress on every song, so you can compete with your friends or your yesterday self.

It takes a while to compose your own melody. It just takes a tap to share it. Now, anyone can download your creation and try to play thanks to Sensy’s hints.

With the premium subscription, you get access to hundreds of top songs to learn, premium FX, and new instruments Sensy can turn to.

And a bit of technical information:

Sensy is a digital sensor-based MIDI-guitar. Features:

Sensy guitar can be used with any VSTI

Ok, you’ve sold me!
How can I get Sensy?

Sensy will come to KICKSTARTER for crowdfunding. You will be able to back it up then. Subscribe to our updates now, and get an additional 10% discount when the Kickstarter campaign begins.

Your interest and your support mean a lot to us. Thank you!








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